Workbot Number One.
The comic that started it all!
5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches of
Robotic joy. 32 pages! Wow!
$5 plus $2 S&H = $7

Workbot Number Two is here.
The comic that continued it all!
$5 plus $2 S&H = $7

The Bugs Number One.
A buncha' bugs do stuff!
$5 plus $2 S&H = $7

Nayomi Number One.
A little girl can do things others can't.
$5 plus $2 S&H = $7

They follow Sheepler.
$5 plus $2 S&H = $7

You get all five comics for $20 because
we pay for shipping and handling!
Notice how I said "we" as if there
is an army of workers filling your orders?
It's just me.

The first WORKBOT cartoon on YouTube

The second WORKBOT cartoon on YouTube

The Workbot Dance on YouTube

Click image to enlarge and see information.

"They Bet Your Life" print.

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